Training Materials

A two-day training was developed to advance the QIC-ChildRep Best Practice Model. The agenda and materials from this training are available here for public use. For assistance in facilitating or providing this training, please contact the National Association of Counsel for Children at Training@NACCchildlaw.org.

Please see Children's Justice: How to Improve Legal Representation for Children in the Child Welfare System chapter 5 for a full narrative about the training materials.


1.     Introduction and Enter the Child’s World
(Presenter’s Notes; Power Point Slides)

2.     Identity Circle
(Presenter’s Notes)

3.     Child Development & Trauma
(Presenter’s Notes; Power Point; Video)

4.     Interviewing and Counseling Child Clients
(Presenter’s Notes; Power Point)
Video Part One - 15:16
Video Part Two - Marco's Choice - 13:48
Video Part Three - Commentary - 16:41

5.     Child Safety Decision-making
(Presenter’s Notes and Graphic1 & 2)


6.     Emergency Removal and Placement - Case Scenario - Marco’s Case Part One 

7.     Actively Evaluate Needs
(Presenter’s Notes; Power Point)

8.     Theory of the Case
(Power Point; Case Scenario)

9.     Advocate Effectively; Non-Adversarial Case Resolution
(Presenter’s Notes; Power Point)

10.  Advance Case Planning
(Presenter’s Notes; Case Plan Example, GA;  Power Point)

11.  Disposition - Case Scenario – Marco’s Case Part Two 

12.  Monitoring Well-being
(Presenter’s Notes; Power Point)

13. Permanency Decisions - Case Scenario – Marco’s Case Part Three 

For QIC-ChildRep training assistance, and/or for additional resources to support the practice of child welfare law, such as NACC’s Red Book and Training or Child Welfare Law Specialist (CWLS) Certification contact the National Association of Counsel for Children at Training@NACCchildlaw.org.