QIC-ChildRep Best Practice Model initial two-day training agenda, with links to original training material. 

Please see Children's Justice: How to Improve Legal Representation for Children in the Child Welfare System chapter 5 for a full narrative about the training materials.


1.     Introduction and Enter the Child’s World
(Presenter’s Notes; Power Point Slides)

2.     Identity Circle
(Presenter’s Notes)

3.     Child Development & Trauma
(Presenter’s Notes; Power Point; Video)

4.     Interviewing and Counseling Child Clients
(Presenter’s Notes; Power PointVideo)
Part One 0 - 15.05
Part Two - Marco's Choice - 15.05-30:00

5.     Child Safety Decision-making
(Presenter’s Notes and Graphic1 & 2)


6.     Emergency Removal and Placement - Case Scenario - Marco’s Case Part One 

7.     Actively Evaluate Needs
(Presenter’s Notes; Power Point)

8.     Theory of the Case
(Power Point; Case Scenario)

9.     Advocate Effectively; Non-Adversarial Case Resolution
(Presenter’s Notes; Power Point)

10.  Advance Case Planning
(Presenter’s Notes; Case Plan Example, GA;  Power Point)

11.  Disposition - Case Scenario – Marco’s Case Part Two 

12.  Monitoring Well-being
(Presenter’s Notes; Power Point)

13. Permanency Decisions - Case Scenario – Marco’s Case Part Three