Best Practice Model Six Core Skills

QIC ChildRep Activities Report 2016

1. Enter the Child's World:  Engage with the child, learn their needs, guide them, counsel them and advocate for their needs while accommodating their stated interests consistent with state law.

2. Assess child safety and protect the child but without over-reacting.  “Remove the danger, not the child”, whenever that can be done consistent with child safety. Distinguish between case plan and safety plan.

3. Actively Evaluate Needs:  Facilitate an appropriate assessment of the needs of the child and his/her family. Diagnose the problem.

4. Advance Case Planning: Facilitate development of an appropriate case plan.

5. Develop Case Theory:  Develop an active and forward looking theory of the case. What is going on here?  Adopt, and maybe rule-out, alternative and tentative theories of the case.  Provides force and direction to the advocacy.  (Drive the bus.).

6. Advocate Effectively:  Use advocacy corollaries in meeting a child's needs that stress problem-solving and non-adversarial approaches - but which include traditional adversarial modes when appropriate.